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Coin Operated Washers: Keep Your Business Safe

Coin Operated Washers:  Keep Your Business SafeIf you own a laundromat, hotel, motel, or other type of establishment where people will need to wash their clothes, then you are probably going to need some way to regulate how frequently they will be able to utilize your washing machine. We know that you’re not out to get rich on the fact that people need to do laundry; you simply want some extra cash on hand to help foot the water and electric bill. That is why a coin operated washer might be the perfect fit for your establishment.

Regulate Usage

This isn't so much a problem for laundromats because there are an abundance of machines, but if you only have one or two washers on the floor of a hotel or dormitory, then a lot of people will need to share the machines. Without any type of regulation, inconsiderate people may abuse their privileges and use the machine over and over again. With a coin operated washer, you can help set the amount of time that a washing machine can be used, so that there is no abuse of time. If someone wants to keep using the machine, then they need to keep putting the coins in. Otherwise, it is someone else's turn.

Building Safety

Although it is rare, there have been documented cases of washing machines left running unattended that have caused an electrical shortage or even a fire. It is never safe to leave the house with appliances running just in case something like this should happen. The same should be true about your business. A coin operated washer makes it so that if your clients leave your place of business and forget about their laundry, then the machine will eventually power down when the time runs out. Bet you never would have thought that a coin operated washer could help prevent fires!

So if you want to regulate the usage of shared amenities, keep your building safe, and help offset the cost of water and electricity, consider the use of a coin operated washer, which you can find at

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