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Verdant Energy Management Thermostats

Verdant Energy Management Thermostats

Benefit from the use of the Verdant ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

  • EASY TO USE: The VX thermostat has a large backlit screen and intuitive menu that’s easy to use for guests and engineers alike.
  • SELF-INSTALLS: Installing each thermostat is easily done by your maintenance team in 10 minutes or less per room.
  • PUT IT ANYWHERE: With wired and wireless versions available, you can place your thermostats anywhere in a room.
  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE: Works seamlessly with any HVAC system that allows for thermostat controls.
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: Features like ‘night occupancy mode’ ensure you save energy without compromising guest comfort.
  • ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE: Additional sensors for patio doors & multi-bedroom suites are available
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