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MicroFridge: A Safe and Efficient Dorm Refrigerator

MicroFridge:  A Safe and Efficient Dorm RefrigeratorIf you are heading to college for the first time in your life, we're sure you've got a lot on your mind. You are probably thinking about your classes, what kind of professors you will have, what kind of friends will you make, whether or not you'll want to stick with your major, and what type of person your roommate will be. You've also gathered all the supplies you'll need when you head to your classes: Notebooks, pens, USB sticks, highlighters, etc. Don't forget about all the items you'll need for your room, like your clothes, TV, laptop, and perhaps most importantly, your dorm refrigerator.

Most Important Item

A dorm refrigerator is a definite must for the college student. More likely than not, you'll be set up on a meal plan, which will limit you to the cafeteria. After a few weeks of this food, you'll be begging to go out and eat at a restaurant. When you do, you'll need a place for your leftovers, so that you can have yet another meal away from the repetition of the cafeteria.

A dorm refrigerator also works as a time saver. Whatever your major will be, while you're at college you’re going to pick up a doctorate in sleeping. Does this sound familiar?: Sleep until the last possible minute, get dressed, eat quick, run to class? What if your dorm is far away from the cafeteria? Having a nice place to store your spare food so you can easily eat on the go will offer a huge advantage in terms of squeezing out those important final moments of sleep.

A Brand You Can Trust

The dorm refrigerator that is at the top of market in terms of efficiency and safety is the MicroFridge. The MicroFridge was designed specifically to operate in situations where a lot of appliances will be pulling power, so that there is a less-likely chance for a power surge. Other benefits include:

-Not only is it a dorm refrigerator, it's also a microwave! -Convenient dual charging station to allow students to recharge personal items such as laptops, cell phones, and iPods -Superior 10 year warranty -No need for unique wiring -Allows for safe storage and re-heating of food -Small design saves space -User friendly control panel -UL listed -Operates with minimal noise

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