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GEGE Zoneline PTAC Air Conditioners provide year-round comfort with individual heating and cooling temperature controls. Designed for a wide range of applications, these units are ideal for hotels and motels, office buildings, schools and apartments. All Zoneline units feature the exclusive GE "Superseal" system which minimizes energy usage by reducing air filtration. The result is maximum operating efficiency and a more comfortable room. All Zoneline units are also very quiet thanks to lower sound level and lower sound transmission.

GE designed their Zoneline units with innovative, universal components, and offer even greater installation flexibility than ever, whether in new construction, renovation or for replacement of old units. Unless specified by code, they require no sub-base and may be installed flush with the finished floor. All models are adaptable to remote and central desk control. Zoneline units may even be placed in unusual locations, such as transom or common are installations. All units come with microcomputer controls.

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