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Energy Management Systems

Energy Management SystemsThe newest technology along With a tablet-style design and intuitive functionality, Today's various styles of wall thermostats respond to every phase of life with corresponding comfort and style. With more precise temperature management and now wireless capable, now easy to program and user-friendly, and the ability to communicate with almost any HVAC system. Advanced technology and the large, blue LED display offer timeless appeal with contemporary style. You have the control needed that will bring maximum performance, efficiency and comfort into your home or commercial setting.
Honeywell TG512A1009 Thermostat Guard
Honeywell 50002883-001 Cover Plate Assembly for Use With FocusPRO 6000/5000 and PRO 4000/3000 Thermostats
VIVE-TradePro TP-119 Universal Plastic Wall Plate
Honeywell C7189U1005 Remote Indoor Temperature Sensor
Honeywell HZ311K TrueZONE
Honeywell HZ322K TrueZONE
Honeywell HZ432K HZ32 TrueZONE
Honeywell THM5320R1000 RF Equipment Interface Module for Wireless Thermostat
Founten FS-HIM Hotel PMS Computer Interface, Automatic Internet Connectivity, Small in Size, Advanced Check-In Check-Out Technology, 24/7 Email Support and Seemless Communications to Other Founten Devices
Founten FS-STAT-32AC Wireless Communicating Thermostat
Founten FS-STAT-32ACH Wireless Communicating Thermostat with Humidity Control
Founten FS-TRW-32DC Remote Thermostat and Sensor, Battery Powered
Founten FS-TRW-32AC Remote Thermostat and Sensor, 24 VAC Powered
Founten FS-STATBRM-230 Wireless Communicating Thermostat, Large Display, Current Temperature and Active Settings Displayed
Founten FS-STATBRM-277 Wireless Communicating Thermostat, Large Display, Current Temperature and Active Settings Displayed
Founten FS-TA1 Temperature and Alarm Sensor
Founten FS-TCM Equipment Control Module
Founten FS-GATEWAY-XR Extended Range Wireless Gateway, Wireless Signal that Reaches Twice as Far as the FS-GATEWAY
Founten FS-REPEATER-XR Extended Range Wireless Repeater, Wireless Signal Reaches Twice as far as the FS-REPEATER
Founten FS-PCM-230 5 Circuit PCM 230V 10A Relay Module, HVAC Energy Management Control
Founten FS-PCM-277 5 Circuit PCM 277V 10A Relay Module, HVAC Energy Management Control
Founten FS-DOORSWITCH Remote Wireless Battery Powered Door Switch
Founten FS-PROBE-T1 10K Temperature Probe for Detecting Air Temperature in a Closed Duct System
Founten FS-PROBE-T2 10K Temperature Probe for Detecting Temperatures in a Variety of Environments
Founten FS-PROBE-T3 10K Temperature Probe for Detecting the Temperature of a Pipe or Metal Surface
Amana RSKP0009 Amana PTAC Universal Control Board
Amana DSUK01C DigiSmart PTAC Control Board Upgrade Kit, Converts Knobs to Digital Control
Amana RSKP0005 Control Touch Pad and Memory Kit
Amana DS01E DigiStat Remote Wireless Thermostat For Amana Digismart PTAC Units with Motion PIR (Passive Infrared Motion Sensor)
Amana DT01G DigiTenna RF Transceiver Router Antenna
Amana DD01E DigiDoor Wireless RF Room/Door Combo Motion PIR and Door Switch
Friedrich PDXRTA PTAC Remote Escutcheon 10 Pack (Not Sold Seperately), for use when a Wall Mounted Thermostat is being utilized, Escutcheon covers Unit Controls and Directs User to Wall Mounted Thermostat
Friedrich EMRT1 Wired Thermostat with Occupancy Sensor
Friedrich EMWRT1 Wireless Thermostat with Occupancy Sensor
Friedrich EMOCT PTAC Online Connection Kit with Networking Gear
GE RAKOIM PTAC Central Desk Control Interface Module
VIVE TP-RIS-251S Tethered Indoor Temp Sensor
VIVE TP-RIS-251W Tethered Indoor Temperature Sensor
VIVE TP-ROS-250S Tethered Outdoor Temperature Sensor
VIVE TP-ROS-250W Wireless Outdoor Temperature Sensor
VIVE TP-W150W Wireless Repeater
VIVE TP-WCTO Wireless Conversion Kit, Connect up to 2 Heat, 2 Cool conventional, Up to 3 Heat, 2 Cool heat pump, Wireless or Hardwire
VIVE TP-E219 Weatherproof Enclosure, Protects TP-WCTO from Weather

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