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Mini Split Air Conditioner: Stay Cool For Less

Mini Split Air Conditioner:  Stay Cool For LessOne of the biggest joys of summer is that it is warm outside. You can lie out in the sun, go to the beach, wear shorts, go for a swim, play a variety of sports, or have a picnic. The warmer weather makes life outside more enjoyable. However, there are those days in the summer where the heat is cranked all the way up and you don't even want to go outside. If you don't have some way to keep your house cool, then the inside temperature isn't going to be much better. Why don't you have air conditioning? Too expensive to install? Don't want to have to add duct work? Too much cost in terms of your electric bill? If any of these questions represent the reason why you don't have air conditioning, then you really need to investigate the potential of a ductless mini split air conditioner.

What is a Mini Split Air Conditioner?

A ductless mini split air conditioner is an excellent way to keep your house cool during those blistering summer days. These systems are similar to the central air style system in the sense that they still use an outdoor unit, which in this configuration works as a compressor. The mini split system also uses an indoor unit which is actually the air handler. These two units are connected through a refrigeration line.

When working properly, the mini split air conditioner will keep your house cool while also being extremely energy efficient. In addition, these systems are easier to install than traditional central air units. Central air units require you to run duct work for the cool air to travel through. The mini split systems do not require any additional duct work to be installed. This also means that if you already have central air, but you are putting an addition onto your house, you can simply use a mini system instead of rerouting your complex duct work lines.

So if you want an easy to install and affordable way to keep cool when those 90 degree days rear their ugly heads, make sure that you consider using a ductless mini split air conditioner. If you do, you'll be able to stay cool, for less of the green stuff!

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