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A Portable Air Conditioner Is Conveniently Cool

A Portable Air Conditioner Is Conveniently Cool Hot.

That’s the only word that we can use to describe a house that doesn’t have air conditioning in the middle of summer. We could also say humid, sticky, uncomfortable, sweltering, and “UGH”.

At, we know that when those temperatures start to rise, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is installing an air conditioner. So, to help you get ready for the summer months, we offer a great selection of portable air conditioners that easily hook up and start cooling your indoor air without all of the hassle (or high price) of installing a window unit, wall unit, or central air system.

Designed to be the perfect cooling device for a single room or small space, a portable air conditioner offers you the chance to start feeling more comfortable in minutes. Just plug in and start cooling. No installation and no ducting, although some units use simple to set up hose to exhaust water vapors from a built-in dehumidifier. Plus, you can use portable air conditioners just about anywhere – in the bedroom, kitchen, family room, office, garage, attic, or dining room.

Do yourself a favor this summer. Start making your life a lot easier and more comfortable with a portable air conditioner from We offer several different models of portable air conditioner by top brands like:

  • LG
  • Frigidaire
  • Danby
  • Friedrich
  • MovinCool

So you know you’re getting a top quality unit with great performance and features for the best price. With FREE curbside delivery, superior service, and an affordable selection, what could be better when you’re shopping for the right portable air conditioner for your home? Order yours today from and save.

"Thanks for the great info on helping me choose my new A/C. You took the time to answer my questions on the phone and I really appreciate that. I installed my new Carrier about a month ago and its a great unit for these hot Florida summers. I just wanted to say Thanks ... read more

- Anthony North, FL