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Split Air Conditioners: Get Rid of the Noise

 Split Air Conditioners:  Get Rid of the NoiseWho doesn't love the summer time? The days are longer, you can spend a lot of time outside, you can go swimming, go camping, along with a ton of other fun activities. For the outdoor enthusiast, the summer is a time of year where you can really start to thrive. Don't forget it is also the best time of year to go on vacation to a fun and exciting location.

But as fun as the summer can be, there are also some aspects about the season that are not as enjoyable as others. Sudden summer thunderstorms can ruin plans, damage property, and can even be hazardous to your life. There is always a danger of brush fires. The temperatures can also climb to uncomfortable and even dangerous levels. But, there are ways to keep yourself cool during the summer heat. One way is to utilize split air conditioners, which can be found at

What Are Split Air Conditioners?

Split air conditioners are a type of cooling unit that offers you additional benefits other than simply keeping you cool. Their unique designs actually place a portion of the unit outside of your home with the other half inside, therefore “splitting” the unit.

How does this work?

Let's start with the exterior portion of split air conditioners. The exterior portion of this unit is what contains the elements related to compressing and moving the air inside, such as: The compressor, condenser, and expansion valve. The interior portion includes the items related to actually cooling the air and pushing that air into the desired room and contains such items as: The cooling coil and the cooling fan. Air from outside is drawn in, compressed, and sent inside. On it's way in, it passes near the cooling coil and fan where the compressed air easily becomes chilled. Then the air enters your home and you get to relax in comfort from the tough summer heat.

As an additional benefit for using split air conditioners, because the compressor is located on the exterior of your home, the noise that is usually associated with an air conditioner is kept to a minimum. This is nice when you just want to take a nap or watch a movie while also beating the heat.

So if you are looking for methods to cool you home during the dogs days of summer, make sure to consider the split air conditioners you can find at

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