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PTAC Units: Regulate the Temperature of your Building

PTAC Units:  Regulate the Temperature of your BuildingDo you own, or are you the maintenance supervisor of a hotel, motel, office building, apartment complex, dormitory, school, hospital, or nursing home? Are you the person in charge of making sure that the building is kept warm in the winter or cool in the summer? If so, then you may want to keep reading this article. If you need to keep your building warm or cool, it can start to get costly. At, we can offer you a few options that might be able to save you some money. If you are interested, we suggest that you explore the option of PTAC units.

What are PTAC units?

PTAC units are a type of self contained air conditioning and heating system that are commonly found in buildings that have many rooms or floors. PTAC is an abbreviation that stands for Packaged Thermal Air Conditioner. PTAC units are designed to go through a wall while having vents and heat sinks both inside and outside. You can find different standard dimensions throughout the market, but the standard industry sizing for these units in almost every brand is 42 wide by 16 high.

Why chose one of these units?

A packaged terminal air conditioner heat strip models offer both air conditioning and electric heat, whereas a heat pump model will offer air conditioning and energy savings. Heat pump and electric heat models also come with backup options so that you are never without heat or air conditioning. These units are also capable of providing large structures with the heat or air that they need, while saving you money through being energy efficient. They can also be used for various residential applications.

So make sure if you are interested in seeing what kind of money you can save by using PTAC units, that you stop by

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